Achieve a perfectly shaped nose with Rhinoplasty

The dream for many is to have a lovely nose. But not everyone has a nose that is small and perfectly shaped. Rhinoplasty, the latest medical advancement in this new-age era of medicine allows you to get a stunning nose. For those looking to get the nose of their dreams, rhinoplasty is the perfect procedure. It is also called “nose jobs” and involves a procedure to modify the shape. This involves altering the cartilage and/or bone to modify the shape. While a nose is shaped correctly, the surgery doesn’t affect its function – important link!

Who Would Need Rhinoplasty Procedures?

Some people have rhinoplasty to change the appearance of their nose, correct disfigurement caused by injuries or trauma, or fix breathing issues.

The nasal bone must be fully developed if the operation is for aesthetic purposes. Surgery can be done earlier for those with breathing issues.

What is the best way to prepare for Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty requires a board-certified plastic surgeon who has experience. Your surgeon will decide if the surgery is right for you. In order to get a complete medical picture, the surgeon may want to know about medical problems you currently have or medications you take. The surgeon also conducts a physical exam where he or she examines closely the inner and outer layers of skin around your nose. This is to find out if there are any possible changes. On occasion, you might be asked to submit to blood testing. If the doctor deems everything normal, he will proceed with the surgery.

The blood thinners are best avoided for the few weeks leading up to surgery. You should tell your surgeon what medications you’re on so that they can advise you as to whether or not you need to take them either before or after the operation. The surgeons advise that you stop smoking before surgery and also after to speed up your healing.

Rhinoplasty Risks

Rhinoplasty, like other cosmetic surgeries, is also not risk-free. Risks associated with a “nose job” can include

Nose bleeding

Numbness in the nose


Breathing difficulties

What are the procedures for Rhinoplasty?

A simple surgery, rhinoplasty can usually be performed in between one and two hours. It is performed by surgeons under either general or local anesthesia. Local anesthesia, which numbs your nose and facial area, is usually used in simple surgical procedures.

It is possible to inhale or inject a medication that makes you unconscious if it’s general anesthesia.

The surgeon cuts the nostrils. If the surgery is particularly difficult, it may be necessary to make cuts along the bottom of the nose. Once the outer cartilage is reshaped, the inner bones and cartilage are reshaped to give the nose a better appearance.

How Long Does it Take for a Person to Recover?

After your surgery you will need to be watched for about two hours. Most surgeons ask their patients to use a nasal brace for the first few days. Some patients experience swelling around their eyes following surgery. This usually goes away within a week.

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