Carpet cleaning: Do it yourself

Your carpets are in need of cleaning next page. You can do it easily if your carpet looks good. But if it is regularly used as it is in Mesa then you should be as thorough with the cleaning as you can.

The powders or the foams available in every store and which you can sprinkle, spray or apply directly to your carpets are not sufficient. The products you use will only give a surface cleaning and leave other potential problems behind.

You’ll need to locate a Mesa retailer that sells and/or rents carpet cleaners.

Move all furniture and vacuum the whole floor before starting your machine.

Don’t over-wet your carpets. Over wetting carpets isn’t a major problem because they dry faster. Overwetting can cause mildew and even mold to form. Mold is dangerous and can even cause death if you do not know what it is. So, do not over-wet your carpeting. Your carpet may turn brown if it is over-wet. In addition, if furniture is repositioned on top of carpets before they have been cleaned and the wood or metal has not dried properly, it will leave rusty stains.

There will be a specific amount that you need to use as it is going to be mixed. If you use too little, it will not be effective. Too much detergent can cause allergies and asthma attacks. Mesa has a warm climate, which can make waiting for soap to be dry difficult. Too much soap can trigger allergic and asthmatic reactions.

After the cleaning process, it is important to allow enough time for the carpets to dry. So, once the carpet has completely dried, it is possible to place the furniture back down on top of the carpet.

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