Carpet Cleaning Gordon offers expert advice on carpet maintenance

The carpet cleaning company gordon is committed to helping you maintain and prolong the life of your carpets more help. Our carpet maintenance advice can help keep your carpets fresh, clean and inviting for many years. Explore some of the best tips and tricks you can use to take care your carpets.

Carpet Cleaning Gordon stresses how important it is to vacuum regularly. By vacuuming carpet fibers at least once every week, you will be able to prevent dirt and dust from becoming deeply embedded. Dirt accumulation is most likely in high-traffic areas like halls, entryways, or living spaces. A vacuum with a rotating toothbrush and a strong suction is the best way to remove dust particles.

Along with regular vacuuming and spot cleaning, it’s important to address spills and stains immediately. Carpet Cleaning Gordon recommends keeping an assortment of cleaning supplies at hand. This includes a mild soap or carpet cleaner, as well as clean white cloths and a bottle of warm vinegar water mixed with warm tap water. Cleaning solution can be used to gently wipe the area affected by the stain. Start at the outer edges of the carpet and work your way inwards.

Carpet Cleaning Gordon stresses the importance of prevention when it comes carpet maintenance. Use doormats on all doors to prevent dirt and moisture from reaching your carpets. You can reduce the amount that dirt and other debris is tracked into your carpets if you implement a shoe-free policy. Rearrange your furnishings periodically to prevent the pressure of furniture being too heavy on certain areas.

Professional deep cleaning of carpets is essential. While spot cleaning and regular vacuuming are vital for the day-today maintenance, they cannot remove deeply embedded allergens or dirt. Carpet Cleaning Gordon’s services are comprehensive, rejuvenating carpets and increasing their lifespan.
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