Choose A Website Builder That Uses Clean Code

The best way to create a professional website is to use a website builder. But, did you know that too many website builders can hurt your chances of your website being found by search engines? To increase your chances of being discovered and listed by search engines website here, it is crucial to choose a website developer with clean code. If you don’t have this code, your site won’t receive natural traffic.

Many website builders on the marketplace – both paid and for-pay – produce code that search engine bots and robots are unable to understand. Even though you’ve spent hours optimizing text and building your website, search engines may not index your code. If your code isn’t clean, they either won’t index you at all or will place you farther down in the rankings. Your website’s code could make all the difference between you being listed in the #1 and #17 positions, or even make it so that you aren’t listed at any point.

High rankings in search engines are important because it allows you to draw more traffic to your website from natural sources. You may lose substantial traffic to your website if the wrong web builder is selected. This could lead to you losing sales or customers. It is rare that website builders produce clean, search-engine-friendly code. The problem is that website builders are most often used by people who don’t have much experience with HTML. Most people don’t know that the code their website builder creates for them is negatively impacting their chances of getting listed in search engines.

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