Cosmetic Surgery: Benefits And Risks

Although the economy in the United States has been slowing down, more Americans than ever before have undergone plastic surgery. American Society for Aesthetics Plastic Surgery reports over 13,000,000 procedures completed in the last year. A 5% rise is reported.

In total, there are 318,123 breast implants, 289,016 liposuctions, and 152,123 blepharoplasty procedures.

How risky is cosmetic surgery, and why do people still opt for it so much? extra resources.

The majority of people simply want to appear younger. Plastic surgery boosts self-confidence. Not only can a person improve their appearance but also how they feel about themselves. Others find them attractive and this makes them more appealing to employers. A person can lose weight without having to be overweight. This helps them regain their youth and slimness more quickly.

Growing older in today’s world is no longer an acceptable concept. Silicon Valley has many millionaires under 30. It’s not necessary to get older in order to become wiser and richer. A recent ASAPS study found that college students could easily identify people who were cosmetically altered as 10-15 years younger.

Plastic surgery, although it has seen great advances in technology, is still not an easy procedure. Surgery carries risks.

Blood Clots

A sudden or excess blood loss


-tissue death


The loss or change of feelings

Healers are not satisfied with the healing process

-anesthesia malfunction


This is the second operation

It is not satisfactory

-nerve damage

More surgical procedures is the obsession

Cost-related bankruptcy or high debt levels

Never overlook the last possible option. Although cosmetic surgery may be very popular in America. A face lift costs an average of $4,000 to $10,000 and a breast lift $3,000-$6,000. Most employers don’t pay for cosmetic surgery, except when it comes to accidents or severe illnesses. Even government-sponsored health insurance does not cover cosmetic surgery.

You can get a reduction on the cost of your cosmetic surgery in Mexico

Mexico offers a great way to reduce your costs. Tijuana and Mexicali are easily accessible from the U.S.

Mexico is known for its charlatans, who promise miracle cures and do so at unimaginably low prices. Mexico however has highly-trained, qualified and experienced doctors, and hospitals that can compete in quality with those of America. Many are associated with American hospitals.

Cosmetic surgery costs in Canada can cost up to 90 percent more than they do in the U.S. Many hospitals will pick up patients and drop them off at the airport or near border. Some package deals offer accommodation away from violent areas or dangerous situations.

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