Face plastic surgery can make a real difference

There are so many options that it is difficult for consumers to decide which treatment or procedure they want. When you’re looking for a cosmetic surgeon, you should research the doctor as well as their treatment. Most potential patients think that facelifts will make their faces look tight or stretched. It is impossible to be further away from the truth. The results of a well-done facial lift aren’t visible. You are not performing the procedure correctly if a stranger tells you that you’ve had facial surgery. When they observe that someone appears younger, it’s likely they have had facial plastic surgery, look at this.

Face rejuvenation is a process that can be done in various ways. The degree of invasiveness of the treatments can vary. Many patients get confused comparing Botox to fillers. Repositioning lax and sagging skin due to gravity or age is achieved through surgery. Botox inhibits nerve activity. This is because it stops the muscles in your face from responding to nerve impulses. As muscles do not move, the wrinkles appear to be reduced. Botox is known to cause an unnatural frozen look. My patients are not treated with Botox. Fillers are made from a variety of different materials that can fill in wrinkles and furrows. The fillers can be used for up to two years.

In my opinion, if patients have wrinkles and furrows as well as aged skin and sagging soft tissues, the most effective rejuvenation approach is a three pronged one, including skin care, surgery, and fillers. Lack of one or more prongs can lead to a poorer outcome. It can be difficult for patients to decide on the surgery that is right for them. Many patients are looking for the most lasting results, but some prefer less costly treatments. There are some treatments that get a lot of attention, but they don’t work long-term and can be expensive. This can be avoided by consulting an experienced and board-certified cosmetic surgeon that performs more than 25 facelifts each year.

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