How should I terminate my plastic surgeon?

You and your plastic surgeon have a similar relationship. Just like in any other relationship, yours should be based on mutual respect, trust, transparency, and honest. This plastic surgeon needs to be dismissed if the factors listed above are not met, find more.

While this is not an issue that gets discussed often, you can still break up this relationship in a respectful way.

It’s worth it to break up the relationship in order to restart? You should try to salvage the doctor/patient relationship even if there are better opportunities elsewhere, especially when someone had performed surgery on your body. It may be that a member on staff, not your plastic surgeon is to blame for your frustration. The staff at the office will be able to help you rebuild a good relationship.

An open relationship relies on communication. You are welcome to express what you believe isn’t going well in your relationship. If you find the surgeon to be technically brilliant, but lacking in warmth or a poor communicator, then it is important that you share this with them. If you fail to explain your case clearly, both to the office staff and doctors, it could mean that they are not satisfied. You may want to spend some time to explain your case to both the doctors and office staff.

It was your mother who taught you never to burn any bridges. The word should be spread, particularly to communities with few people or complex procedures. While an angry outburst on the screen might have a dramatic effect, it isn’t so in reality. Perhaps you’ll need to contact the surgeon for medical records or extra care.

You can get the medical records of your doctor if your relationship is not working. Maintain your professionalism even during the separation. Even though plastic surgery involves a lot of personal touch, it also requires a certain amount of science and medication. Even if you receive the best surgery and care, your body might not heal as it should.

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