How to Customize a Privacy Fencing

The options are endless for those homeowners looking to customize their privacy fence. In this article, we offer tips for creating a privacy wall that’s unique by combining various fence styles.

A privacy fence is one of many fence types that are common in the neighborhood. Simple, solid-style cedar fences combine seclusion with an attractive look. If privacy fencing is used in the same yard over and over again, it can be a bit boring. Read more?

Homeowners who don’t like their yards to look the same as everyone else can find a lot of choices today. Customization options are available if you prefer a fence which is a bit more unique.

Take a stroll through the neighborhood to see if you can find any fences that are unique, interesting and catch your attention. Several of the most appealing designs incorporate elements from several different fence types. Create a privacy fence unique to your house by using elements of different fence styles.

Personalize your privacy fence using these creative ideas.

Privacy Basic Fence

A cedar privacy standard fence measures about six feet high and is made up of tightly fitting boards. A flat top gives a nice, uniform appearance. To add some interest to an otherwise plain privacy fence, you can use boards with dog ears instead. This will create a dynamic pattern at the top. You can try different board thicknesses and heights.

Picture Frame Frame

This is a variation of privacy fencing that’s more decorative. This fence gets its name from the vertical and horizontal rails used to frame sections. It adds to the charm of your fence and allows for customizing. Choose the board size, number of boards per frame and whether they match. Add wood trim to your picture frame fence.

Lattice Top Fence

This variation of privacy fencing features a lattice section at the top. Homeowners can go a little further and incorporate sections of lattice into the body or the fence, creating an intriguing semi-privacy look. If you want to create a pictureframe fence, a narrow piece of lattice will work well. You could also alternate solid boards with lattice.

Goodneighbor Fence

Good Neighbor fencing is another option for privacy fencing. Good Neighbor fences have boards that are alternately affixed on both sides of their rails. Customize this design by widening or narrowing the space between boards.

Semi-Privacy Fence

If you want some privacy in your home, but do not wish to be surrounded by it, a semi private fence is the best option. These fences tend to be shorter than normal privacy fences, and they have small gaps between the boards. You can make aesthetically pleasing fences by changing board height and the spacing between them. You can use tall and thin boards, placed at a distance of 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch. The fence will look more spacious with the slotted effect, and the added height will create the illusion of additional privacy.

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