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LED lighting has recently entered the industrial lighting arena - industrial led light

LED lighting has recently entered the industrial lighting arena and is already demonstrating that this new source can deliver a high level of performance. In all aspects, the LED source out-performs conventional metal halide solutions.

The Litex LED is a versatile industrial LED luminaire for high bay and low bay industrial and warehouse applications that can be mounted at heights of 2.5 to 14m or more. Efficient LED multi-die arrays and thermal management ensure a life of over 50,000 hours at L70. The latest generation improves on the performance of the existing Litex LED ranges, reaching over 16,000 lm from the four-LED IP65 variant, and 28,780 lm from the six LED IP20 version.

Kingfisher’s LED High Bay gives excellent light output for a variety of industrial and commercial lighting applications, with high performance, efficiency and visual comfort. The LED array includes single-die LEDs, each equipped with its own precision lens, ensuring low glare. The lumen package includes 10,000 lm with 100W, 17,500 lm lumens with 175W and 25,000 lm lumens with 250W.

Advanced LEDs’ latest Bay product has efficacy of up to 190 lm/W with an output that is 90 per cent of its initial value after 100,000 hours.