Is it better to use a water purifier or a softener for your drinking water?

A number of possible problems can arise with water entering our homes. These include high levels Guest Posting of minerals and sediment, or hard water. Hard water is hard on appliances and plumbing. Many people used to use water softeners to combat the negative effects. Continue?

Today, we also face the issue of unclean water. Both public and wellwater contain large amounts of bacteria, drugs, chemicals and carcinogens. Most people use under-sink filters to produce filtered, safe drinking waters. Water filters can be installed under sinks to filter out as many contaminants and pollutants as possible. These filters are only for the drinking part of the water.

Some water-softening companies add filters to their salted water softening units and go door to house selling them. They promote these systems as water filtration for the home. They are not full spectrum filter systems that can protect a home fully from all of the contaminants present in the tap water. Furthermore, they use salt in order to “soften” water. Salt is extremely harmful to the environmental and may cause further health concerns over the contaminants the “filter” does not capture.

What are the best choices for homes who wish to have a system that softens the water while also wanting the added security of a whole house filtration? This system is a combination of a whole-house water filtration and saltless water softener.

This system combines a salt-free softening unit with a lead filter, an arsenic filter and removing chloramines. These systems are safe for public utilities, well water or river water.

Assure yourself that water in the home that you use is safe. The water that is used for dishes, clothes and laundry can be treated and filtered throughout the house. The added detergents to water ensure that water used for bathing and playing by your children is completely free of dangerous bacteria, viruses and other carcinogens. There is a way to get soft, safe water. Just beware the salespeople who come to your home and try to convince them that their product will give you protection.

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