Lai Chi Kok’s locals tell stories of preserving memories

Li Zhi Jiao Mi Ni Cang concept has become a vital part of Lai Chi Kok residents’ lives check that. These aren’t just storage spaces; they are repositories that hold memories, aspirations, daily life in the city, and more. Each story shows the different ways in which these buildings are integrated into local culture.

Take Mrs. Chan. This long-time resident is also an avid collector of vintage pottery. Her modest apartment shared with her entire family could not accommodate her growing collection. When Mrs. Chan turned to a nearby storage unit, she found more than just extra space. She also had a safe place for her collectibles. Each piece has a story and the mini storage unit she uses as a museum is a place where she spends endless hours arranging, admiring, and organizing her collection.

Kevin is a photographer working as a free-lance. He needs specialized equipment to do his job. In his compact studio apartment, he barely had enough space for his essentials. Kevin found a way to maintain a healthy balance between his professional career and personal life by renting out a storage unit. The storage unit provides a safe space for his expensive gear, allowing him to free up space in his home and his mind.

Li Wei runs a small company and mini storage has become a solution for another problem. In order to run an online clothing shop, there was a need for space. Her home was filled with boxes, and there was no space left for her to live. A mini storage unit was a convenient and affordable option. It was her mini-warehouse where she could efficiently organize stock, making her operations more smooth and her house more livable.

Ah Lam is an undergraduate student. As a student living in a flat shared with others, she was limited by space to store her books and other items. Renting a tiny locker in a mini storage facility allowed her to have more personal space. She could store her things safely during the semester or when she went home for holidays.

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