Looking for Moldavites at fields

I drive past fields where moldavites are easy to find almost every single day. I love to go out and search for Moldavites during spring and fall.

I finally saw a tractor plowing over a stubble fields. I didn’t have enough time and the stubble field was dry. You should go searching for Moldavites only after it has rained. Moldavite has a reflective surface that is easier to view. I told myself to keep trying my luck the following day – get the facts.

The day had been perfect for me because it had rained throughout the morning. In the afternoon however, I was shocked to discover that eight people were bent over and staring intently at ground. An area so small that there were no Moldavites left was not something I believed to be of much hope.

Maybe next year will be my chance. Next year, the agricultural machinery :-). is going to turn the earth.

Moldavites is still a popular activity. Unfortunately, this is making it harder and harder to find an actual one.

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