Oil Purification Systems and Its Applications

The technology behind oil purification is affordable, and can even be used to generate income by renting them out. The green technology is barely being noticed by major industries. It’s because people do not realize that oil never dies. The oil is only contaminated, and it can be purified or recycled. The contaminated oil can infiltrate the ground and reach drinking water aquifers – continue reading?

The toxic waste produced from a single oil exchange can easily contaminate one million gallons. Environmental Protection Agency guidelines have been issued for the management, reuse and recycling of used oil. It is urgently needed as global warming continues to worsen. North Americans only consume around 19 million barrels a day. Waste oil accounts for a significant portion of this figure. Fast half of oil consumption is accounted for by industry. Waste oil, depending upon its composition chemically, is treated as a dangerous material. By recycling, oil purification can make a difference.

The manufacturers who produce waste oils don’t appreciate the potential savings, so they will not see the value of purifying the oil. In 2012 only five per cent of industrial plants were reusing and recycling oil. But due to research and increased awareness, this number has shot up. Oil purification systems have a huge impact on cost reductions due to their financial advantages. The recycling of waste oil can save factories from paying for transportation costs.

Onsite oil purification impacts downtime. Whenever an industrial plant shuts down to repair equipment, the company loses thousands of dollars per hour. The main cause is oil contamination. Purification systems work like a dialyzer for any industrial equipment. The wheels and carts make it easy for them to be moved to connected equipment such as turbines and pump. Oil is cleaned and restored to a near-original state. Repairs are also reduced as fewer breakdowns occur. Purification systems have been proven to save a great deal of money for a wide range industries.

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