Self-Storage Dimensions

The same is true for individuals who may want to use storage spaces in off-season. It can be helpful when relocating a home or traveling during holidays. The ‘right type’ of storage unit must be selected for any purpose. To be considered an ideal self-storage, it is important that certain characteristics are present. The following characteristics will be discussed: more help?

It is vital to know the exact size of your self-storage unit before renting it. Size should be matched to the need; storage should neither too large nor too small. Rent is directly linked to the size of the space and therefore one would end up shelling out more money if ‘larger-than-required’ space is taken on rent. On the other hand, the purpose of taking self-storage space will be defeated if ‘smaller-than-required’ space is taken on rent. Decide whether you want small, mid-sized or large units.

Climatic Control Unit: In an ideal world, the space for storage should be fitted with a system of climate control. This protects the goods from extreme changes in temperature, and increases their durability.

Accessibility: The facility should have an easy way to get there. Further, the facility should provide an infrastructure that makes it easy to load and unload materials. You should check for trolleys, and ramps when shortlisting the self-storage unit. A self-storage’s hours of operation is another factor that can affect access. Choose a 24/7 facility when necessary. You should be aware of the fact that such facilities will have higher rentals. All gate hours at the self-storage must be greater than normal office hours. The users will appreciate the added convenience.

Security measures should be in place to stop thieves from entering. This includes CCTV cameras, locks that are automated, lights, adequate fences, and an alarm system. This is a must for any good self storage facility.

Flexible Payment Options: Flexibility can come in handy. In an ideal world, self storage facilities would offer their clients multiple payment options. Rent could either be charged quarterly, annually or on a month-to-month basis. This is because yearly rentals are more affordable than monthly ones. Some discounts are also available with longer contracts. These flexible options allow users to lease a self storage unit for a period that suits them and also save money.

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