The Best Tips to Choose High-Quality Moldavite Specimens

It is an extremely rare, green crystal with enlightening properties. But what is it exactly that moldavite does for our health – more help?

We’ll look at the real reasons why adding moldavite is good for your health in this article.

In the first place, moldavite is said to have a very high frequency. This may be helpful in aligning and balancing your chakras. Balanced chakras can help the body better absorb and utilize energy, leading to improved physical and psychological health. Moldavite stimulates the third and crown chakras which have to do with intuition, spirituality and higher awareness.

Second, moldavite purportedly has powerful cleaning and cleansing properties. This stone is believed to give a person a fresh, light feeling by helping them remove toxins. If you are feeling physically or emotionally exhausted, it may be helpful to help release any blockages.

Thirdly, it is believed that moldavite has a strong connection with earth. It can also help to strengthen one’s ties with nature. The presence of moldavite in your life can bring you a sense peace, grounding and calm. This is especially helpful for anyone who feels overwhelmed or disconnected.

Four, moldavite is believed to be a stone with a close connection to spirit world and may help advance consciousness and spiritual development. The stone is thought to promote a deeper self-understanding, and could be a great help for those seeking enlightenment or feeling stuck on their spiritual path.

Not to mention, it is also said that moldavite has a potent energetic quality which may help enhance and activate the therapeutic effects of other crystals or minerals. Moldavite, when combined with other stones, such as rose quartz or amethyst can have a therapeutic effect.

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