The Drug Rehab halfway house helps homeless women to reclaim their lives

Napa Valley, California is California’s most important wine region. Imagine manicured vineyards in the Napa Valley, swaying under the Pacific Sun. It is hard to imagine the hundreds of homeless living in alleys and parks, many of whom need rehab for alcoholism and drugs, clicking here.

Community Action Napa Valley reported that, if you look closely at Napa City and the prosperous economy of Napa County you’ll find over 350 homeless. About half the homeless women are female. Most are addicted to drugs or alcohol. There are local programs for alcohol and drug rehabilitation. But the question is, what happens to these people if they complete drug rehab? Many may find themselves on the streets.

Nonita created New Life Outreach when she was battling her own addiction. Although she had never been homeless, Nonita Mendez recognized that temporary housing was needed for people trying to recover.

Jamie Jackson’s success at 28 is representative of New Life Outreach. Jamie Jackson used to be addicted and homeless. He was homeless for 3 years in Napa. She had been high and said to friends that she would be going into drug rehab. A friend then drove her one day to hospital in the van of his vehicle. The hospital admitted her for a program of 90 days.

Jackson, when she talked to The Register in regards to her drug rehab program experience, said that “every day I became more and more focussed.” Jackson, who spoke to The Register about her experience in a drug rehabilitation program, said: “I would become more and more focused every day.” It was her only option to go back on the streets. New Life Outreach was described in a fax sent to her counsellor.

Jackson was hired by a halfway-house, and after just 3 months he had established himself in a steady career. He has become a certified nursing assistant. Jackson is safe at New Life Outreach, which provides her with a place to stay away from alcohol and drug use.

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