The underdog and his heroic future in sustainable development

Oh, hemp cannabis! It’s the Swiss Army knives of the plant world go to my site. This green marvel has a lot of experience. It has existed for thousands of year. You will not get high. It is marijuana’s cousin. Hemp, however, is a more straight-edged family member. Hemp contains CBD without THC. THC invites to a psychedelic experience.

Let’s begin with clothing. You can wear it. These fibers can be quite sturdy. Although they may sound scratchy at first, these fibers are actually incredibly cozy. Imagine a pair jeans so durable that the technology on your phone becomes outdated before you even wear them out. What about sails? Canvas literally means “cannabis.” Sailors used hemp for smoothies before we did.

Add hemp seeds to your smoothies as an omega-3 source. Omega-3s? Check. Protein? Yep. Sprinkle a bit on your breakfast.

This is the best part: hemp farming is good for Mother Earth. This plant only requires minimal watering and pesticides. This plant improves soil health by cleaning up contaminated land with a method known as phytoremediation.

Hemp was left in legal limbo, because it could not be distinguished from its relative which produces a psychoactive effect. Then in 2018, the U.S. passed new laws that allowed hemp back on the market. The market is flooded with everything from eco friendly products to health supplement.

The road can be a little bumpy. While hemp is an interesting product, it’s certainly not for everyone. Market prices can fluctuate like a cat on a hot tin. Some people are unaware of these fluctuations, and we won’t even begin to mention the confusing laws that vary by region.

Innovation hasn’t been left behind. Scientists constantly work on improving strains, to increase fiber or CBD content while others try to find out the best way extract as much goodness from every plant.

What next for the green buddy? We can make an impact by playing our cards properly, while respecting the history and potential of this planet.

Hemp, a single plant with a lot of power. It’s a good way to remember that some of our most innovative solutions have humble beginnings.

Hemp is the hero of the 21st century. May we wear, grow and eat the hemp well.

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