What Exactly is Self-storage?

Nearly 10 percent of American households use self storage to store surplus goods. In the past self storage was limited only to renting a “storage container” at a nearby storage facility. However, portable and ship to-store options have become more popular. Apart from this, each self-storage facility differs. Most self-storage facilities used to be made from metal buildings with roll-up garages. They could be found useful source in both residential and commercial areas within every city. There are many amenities available in self-storage facilities today, including interior access, climate controlled units and multiple stories.

Renting a self-storage unit at a local facility is the most popular use of self storage. Self Storage is used frequently during transitions such:

Military deployment
College/semester breaks
Business excess (inventory/equipment, supplies, etc.

Self storage is very easy to rent. Most storage units are rented monthly. The time it takes to move your belongings into the unit is usually less than one hour. You will need to bring your belongings to self-storage facilities before you can load them into the unit. A lot of storage facilities permit you to rent a truck to load your belongings. When you move in, you may be eligible for a discount or free access to the truck.

Storage facilities may charge an administration fee, or a move-in fee. After signing your lease, you are the only one who can access your storage unit. Some storage facilities require that you purchase insurance to protect your goods. Sometimes your homeowner’s policy will cover your storage unit. You can also purchase insurance from most facilities if you do not have homeowner’s insurance.

You will need to supply your own lock. As a matter of routine, however, most places will supply you with a lock. The disk lock is the best type of lock. Other security measures that are commonly used in self-storage facilities include:

Fenced on property
Electronic Gate Access
Security Surveillance Cams
Bright Lighting
On-site managers

Most storage facilities have both an office and gate hour. They usually operate on weekdays, and have limited hours on weekends. Gate hours are when you can gain entry to your unit from the property. These hours are extended beyond regular office hour hours and usually take place between 6am-10pm seven times a week.

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