What is meant by ‘anti-ligature’?

This term is applied to any object that blocks the attachment of a cord to it more bonuses.

Anti-ligature systems can help protect people in vulnerable situations by reducing the risk of suicide or self-harm through the use ligatures.

Collaboration has improved the quality of mental facilities. The design of anti ligature facilities was key.

What is a ligature?

Any object can be used as a “ligature” to tie, bind or secure something. Clothing, cords and ropes are all examples of “ligatures”. This poses a risk because such items could be used in mental health or suicide situations. A ligature is a physical object such as furniture, architecture, or any other object where the ligature can be attached.

Anti-ligature designs reduce these ligature points, which is crucial to reducing the risk of self-injury.

What are the options for anti-ligature products?

Kingsway offers a wide selection of inner door sets that reduce the risk of ligatures in any area of a mental health facility.

Our anti-ligature systems were designed with the assistance of healthcare professionals to help protect service users in difficult environments from self-harm or suicide. We use our experience in delivering antiligature products to over 2,300 UK Projects to ensure the materials used are robust and reliable for mental healthcare environments.

Our products offer an aesthetic solution that does not compromise safety or security. In challenging environments, they improve staff and patient safety while creating de-institutionalized, therapeutic spaces. All of our Complete Door Systems come with a 5-year guarantee. We are your partner in patient safety.

We also offer other anti-ligature solutions, such as shatter-resistant washroom mirrors, coat & towel rails, handrails and more.

What is a “ligature monitor”?

A ligature-watch is a device that detects ligature attempts and alerts staff to allow for rapid clinical intervention. When they are used, staff can respond more quickly to incidents which could lead to a life-threatening situation. Our SENTRY Door System is equipped with ligature tracking and anti-ligature features. The cover covers the entire exposed edge. Monitors alert staff if a user attempts to anchor or wedge a piece of ligature.

NHS Commercial Solutions Framework Agreement Pretendered Doors With Anti-Ligature

Kingsway Group was selected following a rigorous tender process as a pre-approved provider of Anti-Ligature Specialists and Bespoke Door for the NHS Commercial Solutions Framework Agreement. Kingsway Group was thoroughly scrutinised, from our manufacturing process to our product and our commitment to net-zero.

By being included in the Framework Agreement, our products are assured of independent quality approval. Now, all NHS organisations and public sector organizations can access fake solutions.

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