You Can Choose Your Carpet Cleaning Method Based On Specific Methods

Allergens cannot be seen by the naked eye more help. You need to be extra careful to eliminate the allergens to ensure your family’s health. The carpet is one of the worst places to find allergens. It is often a place where they can grow and spread. The rugs that have been lying flat for months in the same place can give out some shocking facts and statistics in relation to allergies. The carpet cleaning method for your Brisbane Southside home can be either chemical or steam depending on how much dirt has been collected. A professional will examine all the rugs at your home in detail and will then recommend the right procedure.

Steam cleaning

The name implies that boiling water is needed for deep cleaning. The best thing about this process is that no stone is left unturned. Steam can reach the final layer of carpets without any hindrance. It is effective in removing dirt. The high temperature destroys allergen-causing bacteria and germs, giving the carpet a new feel. Steam cleaning will make a difference. When it comes to drying, you might experience a little difficulty. The drying pattern is dependent on the fabric, and the suction capacity of your machine. The less material weight, the faster it will dry. The carpet can be dried in less than one hour by some machines, but others take longer and are still wet the next day.

Chemical cleaning

To achieve the desired results, a combination of chemicals is employed. They are also called dry shampoos because they use less water compared to steam cleaning. If you have a short time to get the rug ready, this is a better alternative than steam. The drying time will be shorter and the rug can be fully ready in half an hour. It is only a disadvantage that the treatment is limited to the top layer, and doesn’t reach deep into the carpet. When you use chemical carpet cleaners in your Brisbane Southside property, it is possible that toxic chemical residues will be left.
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